Part IV: Tactual Social Interaction

Part IV: Tactual Social Interaction
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  • NV00238
  • Series: From Roots to Branches
  • I feel the others and interact with them
This publication is based on a jubilee presentation of the APW (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pro... mehr
Produktinformationen "Part IV: Tactual Social Interaction"

This publication is based on a jubilee presentation of the APW (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pro Wahrnehmung) in the Pfalzkeller zu St. Gallen 2015 for the 40th year of its existence.
Many people have helped to create this publication, for which we would like to thank them:

  • The patients and their families.
  • The parents of the healthy children, of whom video clips are included in the publication.
  • Valerie Narducci and Catharina Laesslé for their collaboration in the revision of the French manuscript.
  • Cornelia Hertel for the collaboration translating the manuscript into English.
  • Virginie Oreiller for the illustrations as well as Romain Théoduloz and Melaine-Noé Laesslé for proof-reading the French manuscript.
  • Ms. Edwige Ochsenbein and Alain Laesslé for the compilation of the videoclips and the production of the USB-sticks with a protection function for the publication of the book.
  • And finally, Ms. R. Holtzhauer from Neckar-Verlag for her constant willingness to accept foreign language publications in their rehabilitation program (for the current publication there are printed versions in French and German) and Mrs. Klimmeck for the editorial support.
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ISBN 978-3-7883-1238-1

Autoren: Félicie Affolter und Walter Bischofsberger

Format: 16,8 x 23,9 cm

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Erscheinungstermin: 26.02.2020

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